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Mines and Mineral (Development & Regulation) Amendment Act,2015 : 10A2(b) cases and Mineral block Auction

                                                                                                                                            Rajesh Deoliya [] [photo courtesy  Sh KL Verma, exploration geologist  and  consultant of international repute] Minerals are one of the key elements in the economy of any country. The vast area of Indian territory is blessed with variety of rock types which are potential host for many minerals to deserve pragmatic approach for scouting of minerals to add to the national mineral inventory and their possible extraction to generate employment opportunities, contribute in the national economy towards self-reliance and to bridge the gap in regional economic imbalances. The prospecting ( also called as exploration) work is basic tool for such exercise. The National Mineral Policy, 2008 clearly expressed that the private sector would be the main source of investment in reconnaissance and exploration and government agencies will e

Commercial Coal Mine Auction in India : Success Prospects

  -           Rajesh Deoliya [] The coal is a major fuel source to generate energy and is simultaneously major source of pollution. From extraction to end use at every step it contribute to environmental degradation. However, it is indispensable, it is catalyst in economical progress. Though alternative source of energy are also evolving but they are still far behind to become a reliable source and replace coal permanently. To meet the demand of coal in country, Government of India has dropped the limiting clauses in coal mining and supply of coal to the Thermal Power Plants. The commercial coal mining is now seen as major reform in the coal mining sector. 1. Commercial Coal mining: By   amendment in section 11A of Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act,1957 on 13 th March,2020;   the government   allowed prospecting licence-cum-mining lease in respect of coal or lignite to carry on coal or lignite reconnaissance or prospecting or mining ope

Common Cause Judgement and Mining Issues in India

11072020    Rajesh Deoliya [ IN  the eyes of general public and environmental activists the mining operations are not only environmentally unfriendly but time to time they are found to be non-complaints too, attracting public outcry coupled with frequent agitation and litigation. On April,2014 Supreme Court took up the civil writ petition filed by "Common Cause" an organization working towards public cause. The petition highlighted the illegal mining carried out for mining of Iron Ore, manganese Ore in Keonjhar, Sudergarh and Mayurbhanj district of Odisha state.  The SC gave its decision on 2nd August,2017 and in the starting paragraph commented that "The facts …. suggest a mining scandal of enormous proportions and one involving megabucks. Lessees in the districts of Keonjhar, Sundergarh and Mayurbhanj in Odisha have mined iron ore and manganese ore, apparently destroyed the environment and forests and perhaps caused untold misery to the tribal