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  INDUSTRIES AND PARIS AGREEMENT - Rajesh Deoliya 05062021                                    Recently, due to the pressure of the stake holders the two directors of EXXON Mobil were replaced on the ground that the company is not addressing the Climate Change Concerns. After the Paris Agreement,2015, there is pressure on the governments and industries to reduce their carbon emissions so that the earth’s rising temperature trends can be reversed and temperature can be reduced to 2 degree by year 2050 and green house gas emission can be reduced. India, China, US and Russia are the leading contributors to the world’s carbon emission. The China’s contribution is approximately 26 %, United States 13 %, India 7 % and Russia is 4 %. This means that out of the 197 countries who pledged to reduce the emissions, the share of these four countries towards the greenhouse gas emission is about 50 percent. In the Paris Agreement pledge, India has committed to reduce