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Limestone and Cement Plant Potential in Chhattisgarh, India

26042020 Limestone and Cement Plant Potential in Chhattisgarh, India - Rajesh Deoliya The Chhattisgarh state lies in the eastern part of India. Its 135,194 Sq km vast land stretch is full of natural resources like minerals, water, forest ( states/chhattisgarh. aspx ). The state is bestowed with vast exploitable limestone deposits; suitable for commercial exploitation.     .         The state of Chhattisgarh occupies about 5 percent of the total limestone of India which is about 9627 million tonnes; of which about 1177 million tonnes falls in proved and probable category . (source: _OTHER_CALCAREOUS_2018.pdf ) . Further information can also be obtained from Department of Mines and Geology, Govt of Chhattisgarh ( ) The major part of this proved and probable grade limestone is reported from


  Corona Effect and Earth Day Rajesh Deoliya Key Words: Earth Day, Corona Effect, Environment, CPCB _________ The 50 th Earth Day ( ) coincides Novel Corona virus hit worldwide epidemic, making this Earth Day special one where human activities are stand still and fear for survival is prime. The large scale confinement and lockdown has affected day to day life. Probably first time in history, mankind is fighting a battle for survival. Absence of   solid information about enemy is making remedial tasks further complicated. The Earth Day is a holistic annual event to pay attention about the deteriorating environment leading to climate change. The first Earth Day was celebrated on 22 nd April,1970 to spread the awareness about the conservation of environment. It lead the creation of "Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), environmental laws, laws related to the clean air and water. ( ) In g