Limestone and Cement Plant Potential in Chhattisgarh, India

Limestone and Cement Plant Potential in Chhattisgarh, India

- Rajesh Deoliya

The Chhattisgarh state lies in the eastern part of India. Its 135,194 Sq km vast land stretch is full of natural resources like minerals, water, forest ( states/chhattisgarh. aspx). The state is bestowed with vast exploitable limestone deposits; suitable for commercial exploitation.   .       
The state of Chhattisgarh occupies about 5 percent of the total limestone of India which is about 9627 million tonnes; of which about 1177 million tonnes falls in proved and probable category. (source: _OTHER_CALCAREOUS_2018.pdf). Further information can also be obtained from Department of Mines and Geology, Govt of Chhattisgarh ( )

The major part of this proved and probable grade limestone is reported from various localities of Raipur district (Mandhar, Siliyari, Tilda), Baloda Bazaar ( Sonadih, Rwan, Hirmi, Karhi-Chandi, Parsabhader, Kukurdi, Maldi Mopar, Parsabhader etc), Durg ( Jamul, Nandini), Bilaspur ( Chilhati) and Janjgir (Akaltara, Arasmeta).  Geologically, The limestone belongs to Chhattisgarh Super Group. The limestone is hard and compact, generally it does not show clear bedding due to its colloidal nature of deposition. It occurs below the overburden of low grade limestone, weathered Red color clay / laterite of 2-5 meters thickness. The soil cover is about 0.50 meter to 1 meter. The depth of limestone varies from 2 meters to 60 meters. The general thickness of limestone can be attributed to about 30 meters. The limestone sometimes have two bands of considerable thickness; separated by low grade limestone band. Almost, all major limestone mines are large mines having annual limestone production of more than 5 million tonnes per annum.  Nowadays, the mining lease of limestone is granted through bidding process, the bids are invited by Department of Mines and Geology, Government of Chhattisgarh time to time in accordance with the provisions of MMDR-2015 and Mineral (Auction) Rule, 2015. To obtain mining lease the bidders should offer highest price bid and deposit indicated upfront amount and performance security.  After the enactment of The Mineral (Auction) Rule, 2015 four mining leases of limestone have been auctioned successfully. The details of these mining leases are given below:

Name of Mine Block
Reserve (Million Tonne)
Bidding Date
Reserve Price
(of the value of mineral dispatched)
Highest Bid offered
(of the value of mineral dispatched)
Karhi- Chandi, district Baloda Bazar-Bhatapara
5 %
Shree Cement
Kesla, district Rajpur
5 %
Century Cement
Kesla- II, Raipur
Dalmia ( Bharat) Cement
Guma, Baloda Bazar- Bhatapara
UltraTech Cement

The increasing highest price offer in bidding shows that bidding process for grant of mining lease received good response from bidders, it is an indication of confidence of bidders in setting up of cement plants in the state. 

Cement Plants:

There are 13 cement plants in the state; majority of them are located in Baloda Bazar district. The list of cement plants operating in Chhattisgarh state can be seen on website of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India ( Few more cement plants are likely to come up due to grant of mining leases through auction process. The cement grade limestone averaging CaO (44 %)  MgO ( 3.0%),  SiO2 (12 %) coupled with vast geographical coverage; best quality infrastructure and investor friendly government policies make limestone worth mineable and value addition.


The cement and clinker produced in Chhattisgarh receives good response in eastern region in West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha also as they are not blessed with good quality limestone deposits.. The surplus electricity, nearness to coal mines, easy availability of raw material like Fly Ash, various types of Gypsum, laterite, iron ore, bauxite, plenty of skilled, unskilled and trained manpower makes the state a good destination for cement manufacturing.


The Chhattisgarh state has about 20300 MW installed capacity of thermal power plants for electricity generation; out of which 3280 MW, 6080 MW and 10948 MW is contributed by Chhattisgarh State Power Generating Company Ltd, National Thermal Power Corporation and Private Sector respectively. These thermal power plants are located in Korba, Bilaspur, Raigarh, Janjgir, Baloda Bazar, Raipur and Durg district. The location of power plant and their capacity of power generation is niche for cement plants. These power plants are also the source of Fly Ash to the cement companies.


The Chhattisgarh state has good riverine network associated with canal systems. The Indravati, Mahanadi,Shivnath are major river. The ground water potential of the state is also good. The Central Ground Water Board, which monitors the ground water of the state has not kept any of the area of state in "Notified Category". In notified category areas; abstraction of ground water is not permitted. Hence, in Non-Notified area for use of ground water " No Objection" from Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA)  is required. The annual precipitation of rain being more than 1000 mm per year helps Rain Water Harvesting practices successful to help industries in meeting the water requirement. Almost all the mining lease areas has converted mine pits into Rain Water Harvesting Pit for sustainable mining.

The depletion of good limestone deposits intensive scouting for new limestone deposits is need of the hour. Initiative from state government to preserve potential areas for mining is required, otherwise urbanization will possess potential limestone area to make them unavailable for mining as happened in the limestone deposit of Mandhar (Raipur district).

Rajesh Deoliya

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Unknown said…
A very informative. It will be helpful for the companies who are tring to establish a plant in chhattisgarh.
Unknown said…
Precisely furnish the real time information which surely attracts new bidders and industries. Kindly furnish other raw materials information in yr next article.
Very interesting regarding knowledge about limestone rich area and associated plant.
Please shere bid process for mineral auction.
Unknown said…
Commendable and precise note on different limestone blocks falling in CG which will lead to attractive bidding for the entrepreneurs. Good going indeed !
Paresh Raja said…
Insightful!! Gives a good understanding of the limestone and geographical understanding of CG
Thanks for your valuable comments. Try to provide more informative contents in future too.

Please do not forget to write your name as blogger sometimes do not show the names.
Certainly, however at present working on cement and limestone.

Thanks for your valuable comments. I will Try to provide more informative contents in future too.

Please do not forget to write your name as blogger sometimes do not show the names.
Thanks for your comments.
Sure, I will provide some insight on the bidding process in near future too.
Thanks for encouragement.
I will Try to provide more informative contents in future too.

Please do not forget to write your name as blogger sometimes do not show the names.
Thanks for your valuable comments. I will Try to provide more informative contents in future too. Hope the content will be of some use to beneficiaries

Dr. Kumkum Mishra said…
An informative article sir...Describing details of limestone reserves ....Cement plants....And other associated factors for growth of mining activities....
One important aspect.... Employment generation must include.....

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